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what is surface design?

Surface design refers simply to artwork used to decorate surfaces. You may also see it referred to as pattern design, fabric or textile print design, or some combination thereof.

Most surface design repeats at the edges so that it may be tiled for seamless coverage on fabric, wallpaper, digital backgrounds, etc. Non-repeating artwork is referred to as a placement print. Artwork tailored to a specific shape (the rim of a dinner plate, for example) is called an engineered print. When not designed in-house, businesses may opt to license artwork through industry representatives and stock marketplaces. My designs are offered through a curated, global marketplace called Patternbank. Exclusive and stock licensing agreements are available. Artwork is supplied in a digital format. Additional preparation for manufacture is available on a freelance basis. I also welcome commissions.


circlealine on Patternbank: information on licensing terms: freelance or commission inquiries:


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